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The architecture of Long Beach is reflective of its rich history and spirit. Founded in the 1880s, as a result of the California Gold Rush, Long Beach quickly became a hub of transportation and business development. The downtown district naturally developed along the coast lines, and because of that, Long Beach is a unique hybrid of beach and city life. After World War II, architects pushed boundaries by introducing suburban style architecture throughout the 1900s, developing beyond downtown to accommodate for the post-war baby boom.

The city of Long Beach showed the world its muscle during World War II when it became a hub of navy activity. The city grew stronger still when the women of Long Beach took over the manufacturing of these airplanes and played a pivotal role in the war and its outcome. Their rising to the challenge of running their homes and war-time factories is indicative of how Long Beach has adapted throughout the years to become a city full of strength and character.

Harness the strength of Long Beach's spirit by infusing your lifestyle with the eclectic events and venues throughout the city. From the Queen Mary and Belmont Shores to the Toyota Grand Prix, Long Beach combines city life and beach serenity to provide the ultimate in urban living. Because of its unique development you can choose to live in the heart of downtown, taking advantage of everything the city has to offer.